2022 Delivery

2022 Delivery

Creating a Delivery Zone
  1. (creating a zone with just a zip code is no longer an option)
  2. Navigate to Menu > Delivery Zones
  3. Click Add New
  4. Give the Zone a Name and Delivery Time estimate. 
  5. Draw on the map to create the zone
  6. This delivery zone map is only used by the Online Ordering

  1. Create an Adjustment for the Delivery Fee

  1. Create a new adjustment and select delivery fee. 
  2. Then select the zone or zones you want to apply this fee toward. 
  3. Assign it to the appropriate Sections and Job Roles.
  4. If you wish to assign different fees for different locations, you will need create additional Adjustments. 

Creating a Delivery Section
  1. Name
  2. Type: Delivery
  3. Naming: Req. use Customer List
  5. Other options up to you
  6. Auto Close: Disabled
  7. Can enable caller ID Functionality
  8. (see article for that)

From the Delivery tab take the order as normal
  1. Tap new order
  2. Search for guest
  3. Or create new one  by entering details and create guest

  1. Collect the Contact Details
  2. You can add new customer
  4. You can go along with without pairing the order with a delivery zone
  5. Or you can search for the address auto-fill, or enter it manually
  6. The system will always ask for details if tap 

  1. Take the order as usual
  2. Pay now or pay later, but send to the kitchen
  3. Choose the “Back” button

  1. Tap the orders that are ready to select them
  2. Tap dispatch on the bottom
  3. Only visible in the LIST view

  1. Tap the Driver you wish to Dispatch the order to

  1. Once the driver comes back, make sure the order is paid and closed

User Role Settings
  1. Access Delivery Screen
  2. Access Delivery Fee
  4. Dispatch Order

  1. Delivery Drivers MUST clock out, or manually close all orders. 
  2. Delivery orders will stay open unless they closed  Assigned Driver clocks out. 
  3. Advised to set a Auto Clock Out Time for Drivers

  1. This sets the status of the order in the system to finalize delivery orders.
  2. If you want to leave delivery orders open they need to be assigned to a separate user for this purpose so all normal delivery orders will finalize. 
  3. System > General Settings
  4. It is recommend to Disable Auto-close unpaid orders to Cash on Clock Out if you are using delivery  

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