EdgeServ Email Groups

EdgeServ Email Groups

support@edgeservpos.com  - contact with EdgeServ support this email is monitored by ES team!

main@es.groups.io - General questions/posts for the whole Community

Subscribe: main+subscribe@es.groups.io

techforum@es.groups.io - Technical related questions/posts for the Community technical oriented members 

Subscribe: techforum+subscribe@es.groups.io

marketing@es.groups.ioMarketing related questions/posts for the Community marketing group

Subscribe: marketing+subscribe@es.groups.io

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      Current EdgeServ BOH Releases Public App - EdgeServPOS 3.35 (BOH 3.35) Public App (EdgeServ POS)- 3.2X RELEASE NOTES: https://edgeserv.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/current-change-log-2023-2-05-custom-app-foh-same-as-2023-2-03-23-5-2023 Public ...