Tax Module

Tax Module

Tax Module

Tax Setup in Menu/Tax:

You can setup Tax Rates in this editor even with the ability to having multiple taxes for each location. These taxes will then be assigned via Menu Items and/or through Revenue Group and/or Revenue Centers, with the ability to override by Rooms, Revenue Centers or an iPad Setting.

Adding new Tax Rate:

Click Add New Tax Rate and enter the name of the Tax and the Tax Rate. This rate can be selected as a percentage or a flat fee. (i.e. Food Sales Tax – 8%, Liquor Sales Tax – 10%, Resort Tax – 2% or $20 flat fee)

If Round Taxes Up flag needs to be enabled in cases where a fraction of a cent remains, the total tax on the ticket will be rounded up to the next whole cent.

Once Tax Rate is created you can assign to Revenue Groups.

Editing existing Tax Rates:

Each Tax Rate shows as an individual row and you are able to edit the previously created Tax Rates and you can assign Revenue Groups in the Revenue Groups Editor to each entry.

Tax Brackets

In certain states you need to use tax brackets to calculate the proper tax amount.

Click on edit sign and select Tax Bracket in Use checkbox then you will be able to click on Tax Brackets button.

You are able to add the rounding brackets and repeating them by selecting Repeating Brackets checkbox. Make sure you enter the whole bracket group only one time.

See Florida Tax Brackets below:

Tax Capping

In certain areas you need to cap the maximum amount of tax charged per individual transaction. The flag is under System/General Settings/Financial in BOH.

Enable Tax Cap Active flag and enter Tax Cap Amount. This will be the highest amount that you are to be taxed on. (i.e. If the total check is $650 and the Tax Cap is set to $500, you will only be charged the tax rate of the $500, not the total $650.

Revenue Group Editor :
Revenue Groups is where you would set the default Tax amount

The next override and highest level to tax would be under the individual menu items. This tax setting would override the tax amount in both Revenue Groups.

You can modify/remove the default Revenue Groups (Food, N/A Beverage, Wine, Liquor, Merchandise, Gift card, Beer) or add new Group. These Groups will be assigned to Menu Categories according to the type of the item. If no tax is selected to a Revenue Group, the items under that group will reflect as a Non-taxed or Tax Exempt Item.

Adding new Revenue Group:

Click Add new Revenue Group and enter the name of the Group and select a previously created (in Menu/Tax) Tax Rate or multiple Rates.

Select Taxable or Tax Inclusive for each Revenue Group.

Editing existing Revenue Groups:

Each Revenue Group shows as an individual row and you are able to edit the previously created Groups and assign existing Tax Rates.

Multiple Tax Rate assignments:

If multiple Tax Rates apply on certain items, you can attach them to each Revenue Group. See the sample below where Resort and Liquor Tax is assigned.

Revenue Centers Editor in Establishment/Revenue Centers:

You can create Revenue Centers to control Taxing Override rules by:

Order Type: Table, To Go, Tab, Delivery, Drive Thru

Rooms created in Table editor

User Roles (i.e.: If the location has different bars (which would be different revenue centers), you can assign Upstairs Bartender to the Upstairs Bar Revenue Center.)

Assigned Tax rates.

Select all existing Tax Rates for each Revenue Center, it only controls the Taxing Override rules so won’t override the Tax Rates charged on items.

  1. Select desired Tax Inclusive override rules
  2. No Override
  3. Always Taxable
  4. Tax Included Unless Taxable Item Ordered

Please note if you have multiple Revenue Centers with overlapping Order Types it always calculates with the last Revenue Center settings. Make sure to add each order type to only one Center.

Editing existing Revenue Center:

Each Revenue Center shows as an individual row and you are able to edit/remove the previously created Centers.

Please note changing Revenue Centers in FOH/Reports screen or assigning in BOH Staff/User to a user does not override tax calculation.

Setting up Tax on item level

You can override applied Tax Rate assignments on each menu item by selecting the desired check box, however in default status in should be unselected. (see picture below in Tax Inc. section)

Tax setting on category level is not in use anymore.

Tax Inclusive items

On items where tax is included in the displayed retail price you have the following options:

Select inside the menu item Tax Inclusive box

Select in Menu Editor the Tax Incl. box

Override rules with Tax Inclusive items

User has the ability to override Tax Inclusive settings by iPad Flag, Room (Establishment – Tables), or Revenue Center with the following options:

No Override: There will be no change to how the tax is set on the menu item.

Always Taxable: Whenever a Tax Included Item is ordered under a Room or Revenue Center with this flag, the item(s) will be Taxed, not Tax Included.

Tax Included Unless Taxable Item Ordered: Items that are flagged Tax Included will remain tax included unless a taxable item is also ordered on the same check. Once a taxable item is added to the check, all items on the check are now taxable.

This flag in Table editor overrides Revenue Center’s override setting:

This can be also override in Ipad’s Synetouch settings, which has the highest override power.